My extensive back catalogue of music has enhanced a diverse range of documentaries, from Get Lamp to DEFCON.

If you'd like to use my music in any of your works, from narrative films or documentaries through to YouTube videos or podcasts, I have two rates:

Client Quotes

"Zoë's moody songs fit perfectly with the atmosphere of my project. She's got a great library of existing tracks, and makes it easy to find music that fits whatever mood you're going for. I've heard a lot of music libraries, and they all sound generic and impersonal. Zoë's music is unique and helped contribute to a successful documentary!"

— Patrick Meaney, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts

"Zoë turns the feelings of Get Lamp into ones of contemplation, ease (or unease) and really brings so much to the table. I think it's fair to say the documentary wouldn't be half as compelling without her music."

— Jason Scott, Get Lamp