Zoë Blade



My extensive back catalogue of music has enhanced a diverse range of documentaries, from Get Lamp to DEFCON: The Documentary.

If you'd like to use any of my music in your non-commercial project, such as a series of YouTube videos, please sponsor me for $5 a month, and help yourself to my sponsored tracks.

If you'd like to use any of my music in your commercial project, please e-mail me.

Client Quotes

"Zoë's moody songs fit perfectly with the atmosphere of my project. She's got a great library of existing tracks, and makes it easy to find music that fits whatever mood you're going for. I've heard a lot of music libraries, and they all sound generic and impersonal. Zoë's music is unique and helped contribute to a successful documentary!"

Patrick Meaney, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts

"Zoë turns the feelings of Get Lamp into ones of contemplation, ease (or unease) and really brings so much to the table. I think it's fair to say the documentary wouldn't be half as compelling without her music."

Jason Scott, Get Lamp